My Mum gave me condoms on the weekend and said she is happy to answer any questions I have about sex. I feel really uncomfortable talking to her though, is that normal?

Firstly, it is normal to feel a little uncomfortable when chatting to parents and trusted adults about sex. It’s fantastic that your Mum has approached you though, you are very lucky that she wants to be a supportive parent and I am sure she is trying to do the best for you. The fact she gave you condoms means she wants to support you in being safe if you do have sex, and that’s awesome. It seems she is comfortable talking to you about sex and as much as it may be a little uncomfortable for you, she may be the perfect person to chat to when you do have a question (or just need someone to listen). You will probably find that once you’ve had the ‘talk’ you will feel more relaxed and comfortable about talking to her about it more often.