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Intersex is a person who has some, or all of the physical characteristics of a man and woman – biologically the person is neither male or female. The word hermaphrodite means the same thing but is very offensive to someone who is intersex and it’s never ok to call someone this.


If someone is infertile it means they are unable to have kids (reproduce). There are many reasons someone could be infertile, it could be because of a medical condition or something like smoking –smoking has been linked to infertility in some people.


The implant is a device that can be fitted under the skin of a female. It is a hormonal contraception method that lasts for three years.

It is barely visible and it’s painless to have it put under the skin (generally on the inside of your upper arm – so don’t worry, people won’t be able to see it). Like with the pill, you should always use a condom for protection from STIs.



You might have heard of an Intra-Uterine-Device or the coil – they are the same thing. An IUD is a small device placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy, it lasts up to three years. Although a form of contraception, to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI) you should always use a condom.