I’ve tried using condoms but it’s uncomfortable, what should I do?

Using condoms for the first time can be a tricky business and you need to find the type that fits and feels good.  Luckily, there are a large range of condoms to choose from to suit all shapes and sizes.  Use a water-based lubricant such as LifeStyles Silky Smooth personal lubricant – it can really help. When a lube is used with a condom, both you and your partner will feel increased pleasure not to mention that it decreases the risk of the condom breaking.

When choosing and buying the right condoms for you and your partner it might be a little embarrassing to begin with and you might just grab the first box you see.  I suggest taking your time and reading the boxes because there’s a lot to choose from.  If you are concerned about a loss of sensation I would suggest trying a thin condom, such as LifeStyles Ultra Thin or Zero. Or you could try SKYN condoms, which are made from a soft, natural feeling material called polyisoprene, for a skin-to-skin feeling.

If you’re concerned about your partner losing sensation you can mix things up with different textures, such as SKYN Intense Feel.  LifeStyles Party has a great variety of textures and flavours to keep things fun and interesting.

Why not try a free sample, simply go to: http://www.skyn.me