After you guys told us about what you wanted to know about understanding sex, we went on a mission to get you all the information you asked for. So here it is – heaps of information about Sex ‘n Stuff.

Ask Grandad Program

Have you seen these amazing videos at school yet? Not only is it funny but you'll also learn a thing or two. The Ask Grandad program is being delivered in classrooms all over the country - and we think it's a pretty cool way for you guys to talk about Sex n' Stuff with not only your mates but also with the trusted adults in your life.

The program supports your teachers to deliver a great health and sexual wellness class. We've equipped them with high quality teaching materials and really entertaining media so you can have a laugh with your mates while still learning about this stuff – who knew that would be possible! Education and fun – your parents always said this couldn’t be done.

If your school hasn't participated in the program - let your teachers know about it. Here's the "teacher talk" you'll need to tell them about.

"Adopting a peer-to-peer approach the Ask Grandad program uses the characters and scenarios shown in the comedic short film ‘Grandad’ to initiate guided classroom discussions. The DVD also contains additional vignettes to support the classroom activities."

Don't forget to tell them about the "Let's talk" discussion cards too, they're a great conversation starter if you want to have a further chat with a trusted adult about Sex 'n Stuff - you can download them here.


Why LifeStyles?

At LifeStyles we pride ourselves on providing world-class safe sex solutions. Sexual health and wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. We want you guys to have all the information you need when it comes to making the right choices for you and the safest choice for everyone involved. Through education programs, engaging video’s like Ask Grandad and this website – we hope we can answer your questions and guide you through these new experiences and exciting times.

In Australia, LifeStyles, Australia’s number one condom brand feel a responsibility not only to educate people on safe sex and condom usage but to provide a source to help teens and young adults make the right choices for them. Sex ‘n Stuff has been developed to continue the Sex-Ed conversation beyond the classroom, covering a series of topics which extend beyond the traditional safe sex teachings. The aim is to help you find out everything you want to know about sex and sexual health. This resource is designed to be informative, educational and most of all, fun! If there is anything you want to see included on this site, just let us know, this is your resource.